Rauschenberg in his studio with his assistant' baby

- Courtesy of Robert Rauschenberg Foundation


If you are an illustrator and like The Storytellers Project, you may want to participate in the co-creation session with a writer!

How will stories be written and illustrated
if they are created originally for The Storytellers platform?
— Research question

Engaging in a fun and highly interactive process guided by myself - the designer of the project, participating illustrators will be prompted to brainstorm, envision and visualize how to illustrate a story that is being written expressively for The Storytellers platform. What will I ask you to illustrate? I can't tell you right now! You will be given a task and act on that, otherwise I will spoil the whole experience and ruin the research.  

I would like rehearse a new way of writing and illustrating between you- the illustrator- and the writer. The outcome of your cooperation- text and pictures- will be put together by me in a new form so that the remote reading experience could be engaging and creative for seniors and kids.

I can just tell you that you shouldn't expect as an outcome an e-book or paper book as we are used to :)

To show your interest in participating as an illustrator, you are invited to fill the form below and I will be back to you with more information as soon as possible!

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