Thank you Storytel!


I came across Storytel almost one year ago while researching possible sponsors. Storytel is an online audiobook streaming service created in Sweden and now spreading worldwide that utilizes a digital subscription service to grant its users access to an immense library of audiobooks through collaborations with large publishers. Following my “reach out and show the project” attitude, I contacted Marco Ferrario, Italian Country Manager, through Linkedn and he was really kind in answering me, a perfect unknown person, and reacting to The Storytellers project. We had an exchange of emails, where he generously offered me his feedback. We didn’t manage to meet in Bologna, at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2018, so I still haven’t shaken hands with him.

Anyway, recently I contacted Marco again, explaining that Storytellers was going to be co-created in an analogous setting and that I was looking for fundings to buy books for recruited storytellers and some hardware to build my props and storybell prototype. Marco was again very kind and agreed to fund the books for the storytellers.

Thanks Marco and Storytel:)

Happy to having you supporting The Storytellers Project!