Reading as a story-changing process [Fieldwork]


During my fieldwork, I interviewed a grandmother, Cristina, who is really fond of reading to her grandchildren. She is an Italian literature teacher and eager reader to herself and others.

She told me that reading to little children who can't read yet is really interactive: they might ask you to jump from one page to another and to read again and again just a piece of story. Or to describe a picture and use it to depart from it. Or even to read the same story again and again, while the child is introducing and suggesting new adventures for the characters.

She explained me that the way she is asked to read the book by the child changes the story a bit every time she reads.

This leads me directly to a new insight :)

Reading to a young child who can’t read yet is an interactive process between the reader and the listening child, which makes the story changing every time it is read.
— Insight from Cristina's interview