Getting to know the essence of "intergenerational learning" from ICDI

In Leiden for 2 days, eventually! One to meet ICDI ngo - International Child Development Initiatives - and one to run workshops at the BplusC library.

I met Giulia Cortellesi who has been supporting The Storytellers Project since the very beginning and Margaret!, the leaders of the successful Toy intergenerational program, running in several countries of Europe.

We had a first interview, during which they described me what an intergenerational learning project consists of and told me that a framework to define and evaluate it actually is missing.

They also gave feedback to The Storytellers Project and co-create it through the hexagons tiles. I asked them to highlight the weak/frictions points through pink post-its and good points through the green ones. They enjoy the co-creation process and gave me lots on inspiration. For instance, they added 2 actors: someone or some policy protecting the child and the kindergardens.