Interviewing Leyla Vahedi_fieldwork in Rome


April and May 2019 are full of interviews, fieldwork and workshops for the Storytellers Project! The work, travel and contribution to collaborators are funded by Designscapes grant.

In Rome I had the chance to meet Leyla Vahedi from Association Cartastraccia. We met at the European Library of Rome, which I thank again for hosting me and the research. Leyla is a real expert of children literature, reading to children and digital books. We had a conversation about reading to children and the books that engage children best. She is also experimenting a lot on -what she calls- “book app” with her fellow association colleagues. Leyla stressed the fact that the book as a physical object is really key to the relationship that one reader builds with the child because of the material, the rhythm of turning pages, the possibility to point with fingers, the fact that it is a shared object.

Leyla has a great literature culture and was a real pleasure to meet her and learn from her.